URA Highlights

New 'Open' MRI Facility in Orem

Utah Radiology Associates is pleased to announce the opening of Utah Valley Imaging on 800 North in Orem. The new facility will house a new Hitachi Altaire™ high-field performance Open magnetic resonance imaging system. Interventional fluoroscopic procedures such as vertebroplasty, lumbar puncture, arthrogram, arthrocentesis, PICC and port placement, as well as pain management procedures such as epidural injections, facet injections, and nerve root blocks will be offered.

The centerpiece of Utah Valley Imaging is the high-field performance open MR that offers maximum patient comfort in a nonclaustrophobic environment together with advanced MR performance features for excellent high resolution image quality.

Patient Comfort
Currently hospitals are unable to perform MRI procedures with their traditional tunnel-type MR scanners on approximately 10 percent of their patients due to obesity and claustrophobia. Many of the other 90 percent find the procedure uncomfortable and intimidating, often requiring pre-medication in order to undergo the study. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) traditional tunnel imaging systems cause “anxiety related reactions” in up to 30% of patients. Open MR systems were designed to overcome these shortcomings, but have suffered in the past due to poor image quality. This new system overcomes the traditional obstacles of both the tunnel and open MR systems.

A two-post gantry design provides a large opening which not only provides a nonclaustophobic environment, but allows imaging of larger patients and even allows a parent to hold the hand of a child during the child’s exam.

Quality Images
Altaire combines high-field performance with the patient comfort of Open MR. Superconducting technology is employed to generate high field strength in a vertical orientation. This is combined with an advanced RF system employing a quadrature transmitter design for high uniformity. Its high power and high slew rate gradients are competitive with those of a traditional high-field system, allowing a variety of advanced imaging techniques and capabilities comparable to conventional closed systems. Some of these include:

• MR angiography including MRA with time-of-flight, phased contrast and contrast-enhanced capabilities useful in vascular studies.

• Ultra fast-scanning techniques such as single-shot and multi-shot EPI useful in evaluating uncooperative patients.

• Abdominal/Pelvic MR allows imaging within a single breath hold, and respiratory gating techniques provide motion-free, high resolution imaging of the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, pancreas, spleen and pelvic organs.

Diffusion-weighted imaging using EPI with ADC mapping is especially helpful in neurologic studies particularly in detecting acute strokes. Coils are specifically designed for each anatomic region of interest which allows high resolution orthopedic, spine, and neurologic imaging. Radiofrequency fat saturation and steady-state gradient echo imaging is particularly helpful in musculoskeletal applications.

Timeliness and Ease of Scheduling
At Utah Valley Imaging, we deliver images and reports to referring physician offices within 24 hours of the study. In addition, reports with key images can be faxed or e-mailed within minutes of the radiologist’s interpretation. We also make every effort to add same day patients to our schedule, particularly when there is a pressing need for prompt imaging or intervention.

Expert Staff
With 23 board-certified radiologists trained at the nation’s leading medical institutions, Utah Valley Imaging radiologists are valuable consultants. Subspecialty expertise includes fellowship-trained specialists in interventional radiology, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, MRI, cross-sectional imaging (including computed tomography and ultrasound), nuclear medicine, PET, mammography, and pediatric radiology. The physicians at Utah Valley Imaging are committed to providing the highest quality imaging and care to patients and the highest level of service to referring physicians.

Utah Valley Imaging is located at 458 West and 800 North in Orem. To make appointments call (801) 802-XRAY, or visit www.utahvalleyimaging.com